Same-day and next-day appointments consultations are usually available.

After welcoming your newborn, coping with breastfeeding challenges can be unexpected, stressful, and highly emotional. As an experienced board-certified lactation consultant, I follow evidence-based practices and help sort through conflicting advice you may hear.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all babies have a feeding assessment between days 3 and 5 to assess latch and weight gain

While breastfeeding is optimal and natural, it is also natural for new parents to have questions, difficulties, and need support. While babies are hardwired to breastfeed, mothers often have questions about how to make and maintain an adequate milk supply, how to breastfeed effectively or how to fit breastfeeding into their lifestyle.

Research has shown that mothers who receive help in the early days are likely to have an easier time breastfeeding and tend to breastfeed longer.

In the comfort of your own home, or in my cozy office, I offer comprehensive, individualized client-centered care.  I identify the origin of your breastfeeding issues and assist in developing a personalized care plan to resolve them.


The following are just some situations that a consultation may prove to be especially useful

Infant feeding best practices and guidance on normal infant growth and patterns

Evaluation of latch, effective milk transfer and general feeding

Supplementation guidance for weight gain concerns

Management of infant jaundice

Breastfeeding support after a cesarean delivery or other difficult birth circumstances

Increasing low milk supply or management of oversupply

Tongue tie evaluation and management

Care for plugged ducts, engorgement, breast infections, soreness and nipple trauma

Preparing to return to work or school

Flange fitting and pump education, milk collection and storage guidelines

Breastfeeding during an illness or complicated health issues

History of breast surgery, hormonal issues or infertility

Induced lactation and re-lactation